I keep copies of all my uploaded videos to YouTube on an external hard drive but most people don't do this. You run the risk of losing all your hard work should YouTube terminate your account. Google Drive makes it easy to backup all the current videos on your YouTube channel. It also makes video management very simple. You can preview your videos within Google Drive or download them at any time.
You actually get the option to save your downloaded YouTube videos in different formats, which means they can be accessible in different ways and from different devices. There’s even the option to download to an MP3 file with most of these, which means that you can skip the video and be able to listen to the audio through your MP3 player or your phone. Each of these makes it easy for you to get the information without having to go through an internet connection in order to do it and easy to know how to download YouTube channel.
YouBackTube can also create video widgets of your YouTube videos and then you have autoplay feature, and can also replace the video without editing the code or visiting the site you have the embedded player code pasted on. This way if your video gets deleted on YouTube channel, you can repair dozens or hundreds of sites that are displaying that video all in one click by replacing the video ID for that widget in your YBT control panel with a new video ID after you re-upload, or transfer the video back to YouTube from your database on your hosting account. Now your video players will all work again, with no code editing ! You can also use this feature to change a video on a regular basis on multiple sites. One click and the video will update to your new one for all the video players on multiple sites at once. There is no limit to how many video players you can have for one video. You can create a widget from any YouTube video, it doesn't have to be your own. It can be ANY YouTube Video.
For this software, you just need to copy the YouTube link and paste it directly into the box that’s labeled for the link. Then you get to choose the format that you want to download it into. You’re going to need to download their specific software in order to be able to download, but then you just have to click to download, and you’re all set. It really is just that easy. You can even tell it to download multiple URLs at the same time, so you can fill in everything you want to download and tell it to start while you head off to do other things.

If you mis-tag your videos for the wrong set of audience, the FTC could charge you with compliance issues, and later, even takedown your channel. Other disciplinary actions include the implementation of fines, which could go up to $42,000 for each violation. Even though the help-centre of YouTube claims that they will look into the financial status of the content creator before the fines are decided, it still could add up to a considerable amount. Many YouTube animators are currently in a dilemma, as their work is not directed at children, but cannot be tagged as “for adults” either.
The next page will show a list of all Google products associated with your account whose data can be backed up. All of them will be selected by default, so make sure to unselect all and select only youtube. An easy way would be to untick the "Select All" button at the top which will unselect all items. Then scroll down and check the "YouTube" option.
As we all know that YouTube is one of the most popular social media, we use in our daily life. Lots of the people get money from the YouTube and work twenty for seven on YouTube to get money. When YouTube is this much important, why should we not secure it from hackers. YouTube is supported by google, so google is very careful about the security of web. Let’s start about how to protect YouTube account from hackers.
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It’s Time to Put an End to... Uncertainty from glitches and “flag-storms” on your channels Not KNOWING tomorrow whether you’ll wake up to a termination notice Simply having only one copy of your videos (on YouTube alone) Your business being vulnerable to changes of policy, bugs, and “haters” Without protection you are completely exposed to potentially losing everything that you have spent years building. Nothing is worth that sort of risk. Use this as a Provided Service To Clients Use VidRipper process as 'the offer' on a lead gen report. Include video account backup as a value added service in your existing local business. Use VidRipper as a 'door opener' to reach old or new prospects for your local business. Offer full backup services on Fiverr and similar sites. Offer full competitor video analysis as a service.

Click on the drop-down arrow and choose either “Private” or “Unlisted.” A private video can’t be seen by anyone unless you share the URL with them. It won’t show up in searches, be posted on your channel, or appear in your feed, and it can’t be shared by others, show up in a channel section, or be commented on. An unlisted video won’t show up in searches, be posted to your channel, or show up in a subscriber feed, but it can be shared and commented on by others, and it will show up in a channel section.