If anything were to happen to those videos, it would cost you YEARS of your life re-filming them all to replace the ones you’ve lost, not to mention thousands of dollars in the meantime! Now, you may think just because you follow the community guidelines and don’t participate in copyright infringement, your channels (and all your videos) are SAFE – Unfortunately, you’d be wrong! In fact, your competitors can maliciously flag your account for no reason whatsoever, and YouTube’s “M.O.” is to suspend and terminate your account without provocation. One day, you wake up and everything you’ve worked for is GONE without a trace. As the millions of people who have had their channels terminated can tell you: 
Keeping your account protected may also require a little common sense on your part. Keep an eye out for phishing emails pretending to be from Google asking for your account info, and if you ever find yourself redirected to a random login page check the URL to make sure it’s not a fake page. Two-step verification will protect you from these types of scams most of the time, but you should still try to avoid them.
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